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justify / оправдывать, объяснять, подтверждать
justify, warrant, defend, excuse, acquit, explain
explain, account for, account, interpret, justify, elucidate
confirm, reaffirm, acknowledge, affirm, support, justify
show or prove to be right or reasonable.
the person appointed has fully justified our confidence
declare or make righteous in the sight of God.
We are justified only by faith in this Jesus, he insists.
adjust (a line of type or piece of text) so that the print fills a space evenly or forms a straight edge at one or both margins.
The last of the three margins - the left hand margin - was used to keep a clear line for justifying the text.
Without the cash these commercially unviable exchanges would not have supported enough end users to justify the investment.
There was no possible reason to justify any sort of feeling for this girl.
the situation was grave enough to justify further investigation
Certainly, it is hard to discern the leap in activity that could justify this level of response.
Every one of you must first prove and justify each talent and privilege.
The softness, strength and appearance of tissues are used as key reasons to justify the use of virgin forest wood fibres.
the situation was grave enough to justify further investigation
The defendant cannot justify one libel by proving the truth of another distinct libel.
in most European languages you justify text by adding space between letters and words
In other words, the arguments used to justify the ban have proven false.