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justification / оправдание, выравнивание, подтверждение
имя существительное
justification, excuse, acquittal, defense, vindication, reason
alignment, leveling, aligning, lining, justification, equation
confirmation, acknowledgment, verification, attestation, affirmation, justification
имя существительное
the action of showing something to be right or reasonable.
the justification of revolutionary action
the action of declaring or making righteous in the sight of God.
The Bible describes the act of justification as a declaration of righteousness upon a heart that is not righteous.
the action or manner of justifying a line of type or piece of text.
This article will provide information about each type of justification and how it can be used with Arabic script languages.
There is no objective and reasonable justification which can be identified for the restriction.
The cosmic goal of righteousness suggests an eschatological dimension to justification .
In our respectful submission, a party in our client's position is entitled to costs in the events which happened and that the opposition to it is without reasonable justification .
Indeed, its values are regularly cited in justification of a looming war.
Our answer to that, your Honour, is that the reasonable justification is to be found in clause 44, not, with respect, in the law which infringes on it.
Did the difference in treatment have an objective and reasonable justification ?
By whatever arguments killers attempt to make in justification of their acts, they must be punished in accordance to the law.
Less controversial examples could be cited in justification of the right to intervene.
The party had merely added a veneer of justification by using its revolutionary pretensions to justify its authoritarian methods.
Lexical priority is such a stringent condition that a special form of justification will turn out to be necessary for its defense.