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justiciary / судейский, судебный
имя прилагательное
judicial, judiciary, magisterial, justiciary
judicial, forensic, judiciary, juridical, magisterial, justiciary
имя существительное
судейский чиновник
имя существительное
the administration of justice.
justiciary cases
In short, improper methods impeded law enforcement; investigatory means took control of justiciary ends.
justiciary cases
In 1183, Rory O'Connor, High King of Ireland, retired to a monastery, leaving control of the kingdom in the hands of Hugh de Lacy, Henry's justiciary .
justiciary cases
In a few years, we may find a more professional Crown Office as well as a more contrite justiciary .
The independence of the justiciary is a precious principle.
The judges who sat in this court were distinguished by the name of justices, or justiciaries .
Other justiciaries also have claimed the government to increase salaries.
The High Court of Justiciary has once sat outside Scotland, at Zeist in the Netherlands.
WILLIAM de FORZ of Oleron was one of the five commanders and one of the justiciaries of the Navy.