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just-in-time / как раз вовремя
как раз вовремя
just in time, in the very nick of time, in the nick of time
имя прилагательное
denoting a manufacturing system in which materials or components are delivered immediately before they are required in order to minimize inventory costs.
Some suppliers make their own just-in-time daily deliveries to Boeing's storage areas.
The modern production system requires an efficient supply chain to allow for lower warehousing costs, lean manufacturing and just-in-time delivery.
I know of one automaker that actually fines its suppliers tens of thousands of dollars for every hour they're late delivering in a just-in-time environment.
His task is to deliver a just-in-time store, steering a crew of about 20 unpackers, stockers, sweepers and fix-it people.
Even interior construction is revolutionized, with complete upper and lower halves built near the line and delivered on a just-in-time basis.
To allow for just-in-time storage, an enterprise volume manager program will be needed to manage the volume size.
Another benefit of consolidating client storage is the ability to implement a just-in-time storage capacity policy.
We buy from the mills and depot aluminum on our floor for just-in-time delivery to customers.
For years, just-in-time delivery has been the preferred method for meeting those goals.
At the beginning of the lean revolution, the logistics systems weren't really capable of just-in-time delivery.
Training becomes especially important as the industry shifts more and more to just-in-time deliveries, while facing an increasing shortage of competent drivers.