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jus / закон, законное право, свод законов
имя существительное
law, act, principle, ordinance, lex, jus
законное право
свод законов
code, lawbook, corpus juris, jus, pandect, statute-book
имя существительное
(especially in French cuisine) a thin gravy or sauce made from meat juices.
chicken with a rich game jus
chicken with a rich game jus
The spiced pork was flavoured only delicately, and a touch on the dry side, but that just allowed it to soak up the rich jus with more gusto.
A big plate of oxtail was many strong bones heaving with lean meat and dark flavour, the jus a little thinner than in a truly ideal world.
chicken with a rich game jus
Whole roast grouse may still come with game chips and bread sauce but there is game jus rather than over-thickened gravy.
For the lamb sauce, in a medium saucepan, heat the lamb jus over medium heat.
In French meat cookery, jus is roughly equivalent to honestly made thin gravy in the British tradition.