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jurist / юрист, адвокат, автор юридических трудов
имя существительное
lawyer, jurist, attorney, jurisconsult, legist, ambulance chaser
lawyer, attorney, counsel, advocate, solicitor, jurist
автор юридических трудов
имя существительное
an expert in or writer on law.
In addition to the more traditional skills such as governance experts, economists, jurists and so on, it requires a variety of professional skills.
The position of the Federalist Party of President John Adams was that of the English jurist William Blackstone.
Your Honour comes to the Bench with an outstanding reputation as a jurist and as an academic.
The opinion was written by Judge Randolph, a jurist who in my view would be a serious candidate for the Supreme Court but for his age.
The new jurist , Superior Court Judge Trena Burger-Plavan, issued a ruling blocking the school district from moving ahead.
As a jurist , Justice O'Connor has refused to impose a ‘grand Unified Theory,’ her own phrase, on each area of the law.
Your Honour has an outstanding reputation as a jurist and someone who has already made a significant contribution to the law in Australia.
The competition is in memory of Manfred Lachs, the renowned Polish educator, diplomat, jurist and space law expert.
I ask you how far would you appreciate a criminologist, a jurist or a legislator who proposes such measures of punishment which shall inevitably force man to commit more offences?
Even if a judge believes that a brief offers a perfect expression of the law, copying it creates the perception that the jurist is sloppy, lazy, or intellectually moribund.
In fact, on the statue's plaque he's listed first as a jurist , and then as Premier.