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jurisprudence / юриспруденция, правоведение, судебная практика
имя существительное
jurisprudence, law
судебная практика
jurisprudence, case
имя существительное
the theory or philosophy of law.
Only Richard Hooker can count as a precursor, and then merely in one limited branch of philosophy, that of jurisprudence .
In fact, Michigan started the downward trend in takings jurisprudence .
Further, the overwhelming body of international jurisprudence favours the application of a subjective test.
In American jurisprudence this is called judicial legislation.
In terms of legal analysis, you can argue plausibly that all I have done is to apply in large measure well-established jurisprudence .
It involves concepts described as grounds - that is jurisprudence .
American jurisprudence
The approach under the Strasbourg jurisprudence and under English domestic law is the same.
This reliance on custom over jurisprudence was evident in Nazma's case.
The Strasbourg jurisprudence is clear and consistent.
I would have thought that Gazzo was a conspicuous page in the Court's jurisprudence