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jurisdiction / юрисдикция, подсудность, подведомственность
имя существительное
jurisdiction, judicature, cognizance
jurisdiction, cognizance, suability, jeopardy, amenability
имя существительное
the official power to make legal decisions and judgments.
federal courts had no jurisdiction over the case
Usually, the defendant has to be served within the jurisdiction ; that is the common law rule.
As mayor of Los Angeles, Riordan had no official role or any jurisdiction over city schools.
This was a decision in the original jurisdiction of this Court.
Well, the other theory of the Constitution is that the appellate jurisdiction is a special jurisdiction .
Does it have something to do with the powers and jurisdiction of the Tribunal?
No evidence is before the court that any new appliance is under design or construction - or even in contemplation, within the jurisdiction .
The act must be one committed within the jurisdiction by the alleged tortfeasor, not the victim.
The foundations of the present administrative law jurisdiction of common law courts is found in this process.
The public authority is within the jurisdiction where the First Protocol applies.
National courts can try defendants, whether or not they are nationals and whether the offences occurred within the jurisdiction .