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junta / хунта, клика, политическая фракция
имя существительное
junta, junto
clique, faction, junta, clan, junto, ring
политическая фракция
имя существительное
a military or political group that rules a country after taking power by force.
the country's ruling military junta
a deliberative or administrative council in Spain or Portugal.
A Supreme Central Junta met in Aranjuez on 25 September 1808.
Yet it was Allende's government that betrayed the Chilean working class and delivered it into the hands of the military junta .
An embargo against the military junta of the day meant they couldn't sell the coffee right away, but they still needed firewood to cook.
In 1967 a military junta overthrew the government in Greece and established a brutal regime of oppression.
Over 30,000 people were killed as a military junta which seized power in 1976 unleashed terror against all opposition.
And he supported at the beginning a criminal military junta, the junta which was presided over by Ongania.
A military junta plans to rule the Islamic nation for up to two years.
As government forces suffered defeat after defeat, the military junta needed a scapegoat.
Though the play takes a dig at skewed US values, it is set in a fictional Latin American nation ruled by a military junta .
the country's ruling military junta
In the 1960s the Ecuadorian Communist Party hailed the military junta that came to power with the backing of the CIA.