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junior / младший, юношеский, подчиненный
имя прилагательное
younger, junior, young, kid, puisne
youthful, juvenile, junior, teenage, adolescent, young
subordinate, subject, inferior, under, subdued, junior
имя существительное
subordinate, inferior, sub, secondary, dependent, junior
имя прилагательное
of, for, or denoting young or younger people.
junior tennis
low or lower in rank or status.
Virginia's junior senator
имя существительное
a person who is a specified number of years younger than someone else.
he's five years her junior
a person with low rank or status compared with others.
I taught it to my junior who did the Blackburn Royal Commission.
a size of clothing for teenagers or slender women.
One of the bloggers is a junior in high school, another is a recent college graduate.
Williamson, who left college after his junior year, is raw when it comes to running routes, and he had trouble catching the ball during some offseason practices.
She first visited it as a Smith College student during her junior year abroad in Geneva.
The club is supportive of local junior golfers by inviting young players and high school students to play the course free of charge.
These schools normally admit pupils from their junior department to senior school without sitting a further examination.
Wildlife Watch is the UK's leading action club for young environmentalists and junior members have the opportunity to collect badges.
These sessions are also open to junior infants in primary school where it enables parents to access employment or training.
Sporting activities have not been neglected, with events ranging from junior tennis to a South African title boxing match.
My sister Suzanna was two years older than me, and Philippa, the baby, was five years my junior , which meant I had to look after her a lot, when Mum, who was a chef, was on a job.
She was fifteen, nineteen years Kit's junior , when they married in 1843.