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jungle / джунгли, дебри, густые заросли
имя существительное
wilds, jungle, thicket, boondocks
густые заросли
имя прилагательное
связанный с джунглями
имя существительное
an area of land overgrown with dense forest and tangled vegetation, typically in the tropics.
we set off into the jungle
a style of dance music incorporating elements of ragga, hip-hop, and hard core and consisting almost exclusively of very fast electronic drum tracks and slower synthesized bass lines, originating in Britain in the early 1990s.
On your old website, you mentioned that you both grew up listening to hip-hop, reggae and jungle .
It had remained hidden all this time under a jungle of wires.
Perhaps, our urban jungle is just as bewildering for the old man and his daughter.
Dense jungle alternates with steamy rice paddies and, as pineapple groves give way to coconut plantations, working elephants come briefly into view.
I know it's shameless, but the publishing world is a competitive jungle and, hey, you have to grab what chances you can.
There was a jungle of ferns and bushes, blanketed with lichen.
It's a jungle of three letter acronyms and petroleum by-products.
The shirt she wore looked so torn that he wondered if she had walked through a jungle of thorns before coming into the disco.
He says that the group had been working hard to improve the area around the sawmill dam by tackling the jungle of weeds, brambles and nettles that had grown up through years of neglect.
But the European airline industry remains an insane jungle of bizarre and complex rules.
it's a jungle out there