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junction / соединение, переход, узел
имя существительное
compound, connection, conjunction, joint, combination, junction
transition, conversion, jump, passage, crossing, junction
node, unit, knot, junction, bundle, joint
имя существительное
a point where two or more things are joined.
the junction of the two rivers
a region of transition in a semiconductor between a part where conduction is mainly by electrons and a part where it is mainly by holes.
This quantum mechanical tunneling process is an important mechanism for thin barriers such as those in metal-semiconductor junctions on highly-doped semiconductors.
the action or fact of joining or being joined.
To ensure public safety, access to the event will be via Union Street only and numbers will be restricted at the entry point at the junction of Union Street and Market Street.
The man says he drove them to Carlow, dropping mother and son at the traffic lights at the junction of Kilkenny Road and Burrin Street.
the junction of the two rivers
It is rare to find a simple right lymphatic duct that enters directly into the junction of the internal jugular and subclavian veins.
A further measure to enhance road safety in this area would be to extend the double yellow lines from the junction of Manor Road down to High Fold Lane.
the vena cava is formed by the junction of three veins
I stopped at the junction that joined the studio with the main road.
the junction of the two rivers
Immediately beyond is a junction with another stream joining from the left from Wisdom Tooth Passage.
Work is already underway on the site of the former Railway pub at the junction of Leigh Road and Lovers Lane at Howe Bridge.