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jumper / перемычка, джемпер, шлямбур
имя существительное
jumper, bridge, web, dam, seal, cofferdam
jumper, cardigan, top
jumper, leaper, hopper, caperer, springer
parachutist, jumper, skydiver, parachuter, parachute jumper, chutist
имя существительное
a collarless sleeveless dress, typically worn over a blouse.
I am in a red jumper , white blouse and tights and black Mary Janes with a small scuff on the left toe.
a sweater.
Many of the male models modelling knitwear were wearing strong coloured jumpers with nasty white or beige pleated trousers.
a loose outer jacket worn by sailors.
a person or animal that jumps.
Is the flea the greatest jumper in the animal world, or a skittering frog one of the hot contenders for the swimming title?
a short wire used to complete an electric circuit or bypass a break in a circuit.
I read it wrong and placed the jumper wire in the E and F leads.
The Chancellor, dressed in a red jumper with a white shirt and black trousers, hugged and kissed his son but refused to answer questions.
he was wearing a woolly jumper
bungee jumper
She dressed in a simple denim jumper and a new straw cowboy hat with red cowboy boots.
Instead of the trademark woolly jumper , baggy cords and pipe, Adams arrived in a sharp blue blazer, beige slacks, shirt and tie.
Forensic experts are still examining a decomposed jumper and blouse which the teenager was wearing when she was found.
One of the men was white, of stocky build, aged between 25 and 30, wearing a thick white and black jumper .
The other was around 5ft 6ins and had on a dark hooded jumper .
The sweaters are delightful, who doesn't like a V-neck jumper ?
She's fully dressed in a red turtleneck jumper and a knee-length black skirt.