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jump-start / толчок
start (a car with a dead battery) with jumper cables or by a sudden release of the clutch while it is being pushed.
Have you ever been able to jump-start a car that seemed to crank OK but wouldn't start on its own?
имя существительное
an act of jump-starting a car.
What you need is a jump-start , a spark that will get your motor running and take you from zero to 60 as fast as possible.
The oxygen is designed to give skin that's tired and sallow a jump-start .
But she also hopes that the government - which authorized the work - will give them a jump-start financially as well.
He asked if the guys could give him a jump-start .
The chief of the Taiwan-based foundation visited China in October 1998 in an unsuccessful bid to jump-start the stalled dialogue.
He was actually really nice, the way he offered to try to jump-start the car.
There's a push on in China to jump-start the semiconductor sector.
The timing of this legislation could not have been better for the technology industry - an industry that is in dire need of a jump-start in spending.
It relies on a 15-play script to give the game a jump-start , but that didn't happen in the first half.
she suggests ways to jump-start the sluggish educational system
The board also established new jobs for seasoned construction pros, including someone to jump-start its stalled and troubled school projects.