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jukebox / проигрыватель-автомат
имя существительное
имя существительное
a machine that automatically plays a selected musical recording when a coin is inserted.
It's a compilation from the start of her career when she recorded with many bands and most of her records ended up in jukeboxes .
Someone throws a few coins into the jukebox and we are bombarded by Pink's ‘Lets get the party started’.
You can even have a DVD-RAM jukebox in practically any size that meets your needs.
The lack of a jukebox , dancefloor or fruit machines is in keeping with the York Brewery theme of pubs for drinking, eating and talking.
Blue walks over to his usual table, but stops at the jukebox first and selects a song.
He put a nickel in the jukebox and tossed back a few cold ones.
I hung up and went to check out the selection on the jukebox .
I glanced over my shoulder to where Ashley was singing along by the jukebox .
But it's worth considering the cost: I don't have to buy or rent the jukebox , and it's just twenty-five cents per song.
As they watched, one of the players shambled over to the jukebox and fed a handful of coins into it.
In order to increase disk capacity in a jukebox , the physical size of the unit must be increased, which increases the cost of the unit.