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juicy / сочный, ядреный, выгодный
имя прилагательное
juicy, succulent, lush, rich, mellow, sappy
vigorous, juicy, hearty, having a large kernel, fresh
profitable, advantageous, beneficial, lucrative, expedient, juicy
имя прилагательное
(of food) full of juice; succulent.
a juicy apple
It tasted wonderful, the meat was juicy and full of flavor and the sauce was excellent.
There were bananas in large bunches, juicy oranges and trusses of grapes.
When they were were filled in on the latest news of the race they would return to the pack and share the juicy news with everyone.
There's nothing that gets this nation going quite like a juicy sports scandal.
With juicy gossip and scandal about the rich and famous in Taiwan, the magazine took the country by storm, selling out in hours.
Obviously, if you're doing well in the polls, a juicy scandal for the opposition should help you.
The fresh scallops and prawns were briefly cooked thus creating tender, juicy morsels of exquisite flavor.
So has politics become too boring for the media, unless it's some juicy sex scandal or something like that?
There are almost 10 different meats to sample, from thinly sliced sirloin to juicy pork to simple, tender lamb.
For dessert, feed your sweetheart cherries on the stem, red grapes on the vine or juicy strawberries.