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juicer / соковыжималка
имя существительное
juicer, squeezer
имя существительное
an appliance for extracting juice from fruit and vegetables.
This is a specialized type of juicer since normal fruit and vegetable juicers will not juice wheatgrass.
a person who drinks alcoholic beverages excessively.
My treatment decisions were respected and the surgeon had even arranged for the juicer to be installed in a little side kitchen!
It's fine to use tinned fruit, so long as it is in natural juice - this is easily pulped if you are using a liquidizer/food processor rather than a juicer .
First, using a basic juicer salvaged from my parents' kitchen, I turned out concoctions of almost anything I found.
‘I'm getting you an electric juicer for Christmas,’ he promised.
She admits to using the toaster, the juicer , and the kettle.
A sturdy cast-iron hand juicer that extracts juices from wheat grass, leafy vegetables, soft fruits and berries.
Buy the fruit as soon as it is in season in the fall, then juice it in a fruit juicer .
I'm really into producing my own carrot juice with my juicer - it's good with apple too.
Again, in America this would barely be deemed sufficient to power a fruit juicer or half-decent leaf blower.
Some distilleries still honor this tradition while others use mechanical juicers .