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juggernaut / многотонный грузовик, сокрушительная сила
имя существительное
многотонный грузовик
сокрушительная сила
имя существительное
a huge, powerful, and overwhelming force or institution.
a juggernaut of secular and commercial culture
Cemeteries remain largely untouched by the juggernaut of change.
In Britain, at least, stupidity seems to be an unstoppable juggernaut .
They are dangerous, but it's because they are reckless and corrupt not because they are a political juggernaut .
If everyone believes you're a political juggernaut, the theory goes, then you will become a political juggernaut .
The Local Government forced amalgamation juggernaut is on its way.
a juggernaut of secular and commercial culture
People round the world look at the US and see a powerful, war-hungry juggernaut .
But the reality is that the juggernaut just keeps rolling on and on.
the juggernaut of public expenditure
To me, it seems frankly incredible that France could have imagined that they could somehow have stopped the juggernaut .