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jug / кувшин, тюрьма, щелканье
имя существительное
jug, pitcher, jar, ewer, jugful
prison, jail, gaol, pokey, prison house, jug
click, crack, snap, clack, jug
stew, extinguish, put out, braise, quench, jug
сажать в тюрьму
imprison, jail, lock up, put to prison, gaol, jug
имя существительное
a large container for liquids, with a narrow mouth and typically a stopper or cap.
From behind the fridge door, Allan peered out with his mouth leaving a soda jug .
three months in the jug
a woman's breasts.
a secure hold that is cut into rock for climbing.
With thirty or more feet of extra rope, I rebelayed it through the jug handle perfectly situated above.
stew or boil (a hare or rabbit) in a covered container.
jugged hare
prosecute and imprison (someone).
In one picture she's got a bunch of grapes, in the other she has a jug of wine that has spilled on to an exquisitely rendered cloth.
Rees then used a jug of water to help the students visualise our common need for ‘spiritual cleansing’ from hatred and selfishness.
It was something brewed and created here, like a good beer or at least a jug of finely squeezed orange juice.
Ellie enters the room carrying a kettle and a jug containing milk.
They mowed lawns, they painted each other's fishing boats and they bought a jug of beer and six straws to go around.
Unfortunately, the wine was almost unbearably sickly sweet, without any tartness or depth, and about as refreshing as a jug of syrup.
Hazel came in from the kitchen with a fresh jug of coffee.
Warm a sugar thermometer in a jug of hot water to prevent it from breaking when inserted in the boiling marmalade.
If I wasn't put in the jug , they wanted to kill me.
Kostas, a local farmer, proudly offered us a jug of his explosive homemade wine and lamb and chicken, doused with herbs and garlic, were laid before us as an instant feast.