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judicial / судебный, судейский, беспристрастный
имя прилагательное
judicial, forensic, judiciary, juridical, magisterial, justiciary
judicial, judiciary, magisterial, justiciary
candid, impartial, unbiased, fair, dispassionate, judicial
имя прилагательное
of, by, or appropriate to a court or judge.
a judicial inquiry into the allegations
Such fairness demands a fair judicial process administered by an impartial judiciary.
This measure flies in the face of judicial efforts to insist on disclosure of evidence.
The judicial decision ought to provide the best answer not a range of alternative answers.
The first question is whether at the time of the negligent act or omission a judicial process existed.
Judicial protection in Punjab improved and many people were using the judicial system.
The intention in such cases is that there shall be a judicial inquiry worked out in a judicial manner.
This mental torment may become acute when the judicial verdict is finally set against the accused.
It would thus be expensive both to the parties and to the resources of the judicial system.
In such a situation, the grant of judicial power to provincial appointees is valid.
There thus exists the possibility of conflicting judicial opinion at the highest level.