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judder / вибрация, сильная вибрация
имя существительное
vibration, vibrancy, oscillation, shake, chatter, judder
сильная вибрация
vibrate, oscillate, shimmy, chatter, thrill, judder
сильно трястись
(especially of something mechanical) shake and vibrate rapidly and with force.
the steering wheel juddered in his hand
имя существительное
an instance of rapid and forceful shaking and vibration.
the car gave a judder
When the actors huddle together to evoke an elephant or judder and shake to simulate a moving train, they do it with tact rather than as if expecting us to be bowled over by their skill.
Luckily not a single judder or unevenness of movement occurred and the next day the ‘rushes’ indicated that the job had been completed successfully - and not before time.
The Nexus, you will be glad to hear, seems to be working again - although not without the odd judder and near-collapse.
He also suggested that there will be no judder on the cars people actually buy.
the car gave a judder
A judder like an electrical pulse sped through Ferdinand's veins from his finger to his heart like a capsule being podded from one floor of a shop to another.
Once the judder settles down, the film becomes more watchable, but no one is likely to praise the clear video quality.
The doors immediately slid shut, and with a shake and a judder , the floor beneath them lurched.
He awoke to a subliminal judder and then a hollow, deep boom that rocked through the fortress and was not so much heard as felt.
Just listen to the engine, run it round the block a few times and if it doesn't judder too much in third, hand over your pocket change.