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jubilee / юбилей, празднество
имя существительное
anniversary, jubilee
festival, feast, gala, fete, jamboree, jubilee
имя существительное
a special anniversary of an event, especially one celebrating twenty-five or fifty years of a reign or activity.
jubilee celebrations
имя прилагательное
(of desserts) flambé.
cherries jubilee
If you have nothing planned to celebrate the jubilee try to go along for a great day out.
At the time of her second jubilee , Victoria's name and features were recognisable all over the world; when she died in 1901, few could remember a time when she had not reigned.
Bocelli was the official voice of the church's jubilee in the year 2000 and knew the pope for a long time.
The shot of 500 palace workers was taken to mark the jubilee .
The year 2000 was a jubilee year for the Eternal City.
To celebrate the jubilee the County Carlow Association London has decided to record the history of their association.
During the jubilee year, he sought reconciliation with Bishop Matthew Clarke, a longtime friend, but received no response.
Eileen and Paddy King celebrated their golden wedding jubilee in Scunthorpe, England yesterday, Monday.
It has been celebrating its jubilee cheerfully throughout much of this year, with the festivities building up to a crescendo on the actual birthday, October 18.
The jubilee celebrations were conducted with a number of activities, including seminars, workshops, competitions for children, and cultural gatherings.