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jowl / челюсть, голова, челюстная кость
имя существительное
jowl, chap
head, brain, loaf, pate, noggin, jowl
челюстная кость
jawbone, jowl
имя существительное
the lower part of a person's or animal's cheek, especially when it is fleshy or drooping.
she had a large nose and heavy jowls
cured pork jowl
It's a kind of Italian cured hog jowl .
He was a slight man with keen eyes, dark hair, a heavy jowl and bony fingers.
Using what were considered ‘throwaway’ cuts of meat - such as pork jowls and ribs - barbecuing provided an economic means of feeding a family.
His tired eyes and sagging jowls tell us it's bad news.
I stuck my head under the bed and was greeted by moist canine jowls .
The saggy bits, the jowls , had also gone, and I looked younger.
We tried flipping him over on his back and gripping his jowls like his mother might do.
She wore her hair tied back, which only accentuated her large face and fleshy jowls .
By all accounts she too was short, with a broad, jowly face.