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journeyman / подмастерье, поденщик, наемник
имя существительное
journeyman, apprentice, prentice
day laborer, peon, journeyman, daysman, hewer, Jack
mercenary, hireling, soldier of fortune, journeyman, Hessian, myrmidon
имя существительное
a trained worker who is employed by someone else.
As commerce expanded and as trade conditions allowed, the masters trained apprentices and hired journeymen , always within the rules of the guilds they had created.
I was sort of a journeyman player, played as hard as I could, and was a reasonably intelligent player.
There was a time when proper vocational and journeyman training and workmanship standards were easily identified and understood.
Wright is a journeyman whose good stuff never has translated into big-league success.
Now more famous as a broadcaster in his native Ireland, Dunphy began his professional life as a journeyman footballer.
Now the Jets are poised to move on with a rookie, a journeyman and an unknown.
The summer after my sophomore year in college, and I decided, through no apparent logic, to try my hand as a journeyman roofer.
Jean Robic, though, was a journeyman cyclist but showed great courage in making his dash for glory in the Tour de France of 1947.
Those who wished it could get a journeyman to train them in the arts of weaponry; otherwise, they were taught how to fight by their Masters.
He is a journeyman who played 28 games in his first three seasons and has a career scoring average of 7.5.
But Daley couldn't sustain his efforts, and never developed a permanent, salary-earning career as a journeyman writer.