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journey / путешествие, поездка, рейс
имя существительное
travel, traveling, journey, tour, trip, voyage
trip, visit, ride, journey, tour, excursion
flight, voyage, cruise, trip, run, journey
travel, go, journey, voyage, hike, peregrinate
совершать путешествие
journey, tour
совершать поездку
имя существительное
an act of traveling from one place to another.
she went on a long journey
travel somewhere.
they journeyed south
For celebrated Chinese director Zhang Yimou, The Road Home represents a short journey on a path not previously taken in his career.
she went on a long journey
Contemporary dance is each artiste's journey of enquiry, Jayachandran observed.
The first part of my trip was the train journey from Edinburgh to London with a stinking cold.
We follow the mysterious journey of a man who walks into a town that rejects him.
I was excited with my character's journey in the film
He then sets out on a long journey to clear his name.
His new book, Death by Meeting, is a journey into meeting hell.
It was also said that one leg of a planned flight involved a journey from Manchester.
I had to get off the bus halfway through my journey , find another bus and return home to check.