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journalism / журналистика, профессия журналиста
имя существительное
профессия журналиста
имя существительное
the activity or profession of writing for newspapers or magazines or of broadcasting news on radio or television.
This kind of racism pervades newspaper and broadcast journalism in EU countries.
After working in the Ministry of Justice, he turned to writing and journalism .
investigative journalism
We inhabit an expanding universe of news and journalism , flowing faster and more freely than ever before.
Now many of the newspaper's young writers are hankering after careers in journalism .
Mr Marsh had said it was a good piece of investigative journalism which was marred by flawed reporting.
It is designed to recognise the achievements of the men and women who have shaped modern newspaper journalism .
The transition from print journalism to television can often be a very difficult one.
If this had been a serious piece of journalism , there would have been an attempt at balance.
print journalism
pop journalism