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journal / журнал, дневник, газета
имя существительное
magazine, log, journal, periodical, book, register
diary, journal, day book
newspaper, paper, journal, organ, sheet, print
имя существительное
a newspaper or magazine that deals with a particular subject or professional activity.
medical journals
a daily record of news and events of a personal nature; a diary.
Some people call them journals , or diaries, but to Dylan, they were neither.
the part of a shaft or axle that rests on bearings.
The LS1 hydraulic roller camshaft has large bearing journals and a large-diameter base circle to minimize torsional twisting and stress.
I'm trying to make sense of what appears at first sight to be the decline of the online journal .
while abroad he had kept a journal
Vicki sighed and traced his phone number in her journal with her mechanical pencil.
Having completed this last morsel, I occupied myself for a little with my journal .
It's a journal , a diary, an online record of your likes, your loathes, your jokes and your photos.
I want to talk a little more about the journal since that's the occasion for this conversation.
I've kept a book, a little journal , every year since my husband and I married, since 1977.
Put your goals on paper and keep a running journal .
I picked it up to see what I had hit, and to my surprise, it was Cam's journal .
In common with many other German newspapers, the weekly journal originally had criticised and rejected the American war plans.