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jot / йота, ничтожное количество
имя существительное
iota, jot, whit
ничтожное количество
jot, halfpennyworth, ambsace, ha'p'orth
кратко записать
jot down, jot
бегло набросать
jot down, jot, adumbrate
имя существительное
a very small amount.
you didn't care a jot
write (something) quickly.
when you've found the answers, jot them down
No, I won't give away a jot of the plot here; the movie does that nicely enough.
when you've found the answers, jot them down
when you've found the answers, jot them down
The Arts Council grant freeze doesn't surprise me one jot .
They were so helpless and vulnerable, yet didn't seem to care a jot , wanting only to play and charge around.
With the greatest of respect to the Ireland captain, he would not have made a jot of difference against such physical and technical ability.
And the fact that Lesley is a woman did not matter one jot .
I have yet to see one jot of evidence
It makes not one jot of difference that no actual blood is visible on their hands.
you didn't care a jot