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josh / добродушная шутка, мистификация
имя существительное
добродушная шутка
josh, raillery
hoax, mystification, gag, spoof, quiz, josh
joke, poke fun, banter, chaff, hoax, josh
play, act out, play off, play up, hoax, josh
mystify, bamboozle, spoof, hoax, gag, josh
tease (someone) in a playful way.
he loved to josh people
имя существительное
good-natured banter.
he loved to josh people
Friends josh one another about rites whose public practice incites bloodshed in some other countries, such as Pakistan.
I'm grateful that tomorrow I'll be back to my comfortable chef's pants and clogs, able to josh with my coworkers and play with food, safely hidden from the dining room.
They josh among themselves like members of an all-male club (which, of course, they are).
he loved to josh people
Nearby two of his associates josh with one another while keeping a close eye out for the law.
Even though I was, unsurprisingly, inebriated, and just wanted to lark and josh around with the lads.
we found him tired-eyed and peaked—not a man for josh and chatter
I noticed this, so I started to josh her, ‘You like those a lot?’
In my opinion, Green's not trying to josh anybody.