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jones / джоунс
имя существительное
a fixation on or compulsive desire for someone or something, typically a drug; an addiction.
a two-year amphetamine jones
have a fixation on; be addicted to.
Palmer was jonesing for some coke again
If you have a jones to get your kid into a dog named after a dog that you used to like 100 years ago, then this is the film for you.
The jones , the real smack was not the chemicals themselves, but the euphoria of the endless possibilities set off by the acquisition of the substance.
Seriously, this site has provoked my writerly instincts and definitely fed my Cyke jones .
So if you have a jones to live like a virtual Skywalker, and can get over the steep learning curve the game presents, and resign yourself to a fairly equal ratio of adventuring to downtime, Star Wars Galaxies can be great.
Satisfying your superhero jones can be tough when you're a comix snob like me.
My four-year-old son has developed a healthy gaming jones .
That must have been some oxycontin jones he had.
a two-year amphetamine jones
When combined with protein powder and berries, this combo can eliminate your daffy java jones .
a two-year amphetamine jones