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jolt / толчок, удар, потрясение
имя существительное
push, impetus, impulse, thrust, kick, jolt
hit, impact, blow, strike, shock, jolt
shock, commotion, shake, convulsion, earthquake, jolt
shake, jiggle, rock, jolt, jounce, jog
stun, jolt
shake, shake up, jolt, jar
имя существительное
an abrupt rough or violent movement.
Any movement shot jolts of electricity to my toes, curling them in pain.
push or shake (someone or something) abruptly and roughly.
a surge in the crowd behind him jolted him forward
It sent a jolt of happiness through me and filled me with a love for life.
When he was born, when I saw him for the first time, the ecstasy that I felt was piercing, electric, transfiguring, a jolt of joy.
Almost immediately, he felt a jolt of apprehension and anger rush through him.
Solicitor Susan Stephenson was working on some papers when there was a violent jolt and she realised the carriage was going over.
A massive jolt of turbulence shook the plane, and there were a few audible gasps.
The woman moved to stand next to him, and Lexa felt a jolt of surprise as she recognized the weapon in the man's hand.
All of a sudden there was a sudden jolt and then the plane began to rock furiously.
She soon realized what he was doing with a violent jolt .
Then, suddenly, a jolt of shock went coursing through her as she glanced beyond the double doors, toward the gates of the school.
This latest atrocity has sent a fresh shock wave to jolt us out of our complacency.