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jolly / веселый, радостный, навеселе
имя прилагательное
cheerful, merry, gay, glad, happy, jolly
glad, joyful, joyous, cheery, merry, jolly
tipsy, exhilarated, merry, tight, jolly, happy
very, very much, extremely, so, highly, jolly
extremely, highly, exceedingly, enormously, particularly, jolly
имя существительное
marine, jolly, leatherneck
солдат морской пехоты
marine, jolly, leatherneck
судовая шлюпка
cockboat, jolly, jolly-boat
обращаться ласково
jolly, jolly along, jolly up
coax, jolly, blandish
добиваться лаской
jolly, jolly along
имя прилагательное
happy and cheerful.
he was a jolly man full of jokes
very; extremely.
that's a jolly good idea
encourage (someone) in a friendly way.
he jollied people along
имя существительное
a party or celebration.
Next week we've got the rabble that is the Tory fascists party gathering for their annual jolly .
a lapstraked ship's boat that is smaller than a cutter, typically hoisted at the stern of the ship.
In the old days, this meant sending jolly boats ashore and sacking a town, as Captain Henry Morgan did throughout the Spanish colonies at Portobello, Maracaibo, and Panama City in the late 17th century.
Some say this was because they were too proud to conform; others that he realised they'd be jolly useful for the tourist industry.
He clapped with a jolly laugh as he emerged from the darkness.
The befuddled hosts at first tried to jolly Stewart into being the good-natured guest they'd expected.
To jolly things up Blighty made the joke about it being a shame more of the voters weren't undead, then Howard might have a chance.
Hector said it was a jolly good idea and very brave of her and he would be lurking in the corridor in case there was any trouble.
But still, there's some jolly good music on this.
He was a jolly young fellow and always seemed to be happy and smiling.
I rustled up a stunning little meal, and I have to say I was jolly proud.
His family described Michael this week as a jolly , happy little lad, who had just turned two years old on May 3 last.
Mykela was remembered as a jolly little angel, full of life and mischief.