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jollity / веселье, увеселение, празднество
имя существительное
fun, gladness, gaiety, joy, cheer, jollity
entertainment, jollification, jollity
festival, feast, gala, fete, jamboree, jollity
имя существительное
lively and cheerful activity or celebration.
a night of riotous jollity
In 1762, he described Christmas as "The day of greatest mirth and jollity ."
What is so effective about the film is the disarming jollity with which it knocks over the genre.
Looking at her in surprise, he laughed and for a while, both of them beamed at each other, chortling with jollity , seeming like the carefree children they once were.
Organisers have received an email from Germany, whose people are renowned for its sense of humour, revealing the international face of the jollity jamboree.
a night of riotous jollity
Time has been kind to this most English of bands, their jollity is as lively as ever, their humour hasn't faded and their charm is as infectious as ever.
He put so much dark jollity in them that they may continue spreading his Christmas spirit for generations.
The younger brother of the Battleship Potemkin has found a small round in his aging revolutionary magazine and fired it off with great jollity .
Although Rowan and Stephen joined in with the jollity of the occasion, grumpy Phil didn't really socialise.
Part of the problem is the decision to make The Man with Red Eyes a jocular sort of villain; instead of becoming more sinister in his false jollity , however, he becomes less so.