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joist / балка, брус, стропило
имя существительное
beam, balk, girder, joist, timber, rafter
timber, bar, beam, cant, rod, joist
rafter, chevron, joist, raft
имя прилагательное
имя существительное
a length of timber or steel supporting part of the structure of a building, typically arranged in parallel series to support a floor or ceiling.
Use plywood walk boards or wooden planks over the ceiling joists for support.
Then toenail the joist through the joist into the girder.
Attach a block to each of the exposed joists where the joist meets the deck board using four 3-in. #8 exterior screws.
Do not step through attic floor joists onto the ceiling of the room below.
But Simon's writing sheds light only on how TV comedy is joisted together.
These strips, or tracks, are attached to the ceiling joists and support the tiles.
Suspended ceilings are hung from the ceiling joists with a metal grid.
If your attic has metal joists, you may want to place rigid foam insulation between the joists and the ceiling drywall.
They seem quite happy to either accept stock joisted in for the season or contract rear the lambs for breeders.
The two adjustable arms attach to the ceiling joists to support the fan in the desired location.
Otherwise, wood furring strips are first nailed to the old ceiling or joists and the new files are stapled to these.