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jointer / фуганок, фуговальный станок, рубанок
имя существительное
jointer, trying-plane
фуговальный станок
plane, jointer, jack-plane
имя существительное
a plane used for preparing a wooden edge for fixing or joining to another.
Any areas of the wood that show cupping or crowning will need to be planed by using a jointer or table saw as demonstrated in the videotape.
I was able to work with the jointer plane to approach a final contour, but the final work was with a hand plane and sandpaper.
At the heart of most shops, you can find a heavy-duty table saw or bandsaw, a thickness planer, and a jointer .
Unless you are unusually proficient with a jointer , trying to cut the bevel freehand is asking for trouble.
Tooling mortar joints with a steel jointer makes the wall more attractive and smooths the joints to a more weather-resistant finish.
Dated tools included an 1818 long jointer plane with an offset handle.
Finally the staves were joined on a jointer , known as a colombe in French.
You can use a jointer or attach a straight piece of plywood to the stock as a straight edge and run it through a table saw.
The jointer , in excellent condition, brought $2,530 while the jack plane, with a bruised wedge and handle, sold for $2,090.
A hand jointer plane does a good job, but requires a greater degree of skill.
Smooth and square the edges by running the face frame pieces lightly over a jointer .