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jog / бегать трусцой, подталкивать, бежать трусцой
бегать трусцой
jog, bump, spoon, joggle, hitch, fillip
бежать трусцой
имя существительное
push, impetus, impulse, thrust, kick, jog
rough, roughness, irregularity, asperity, jog, abruptness
имя существительное
a spell of jogging.
his morning jog
a slight push or nudge.
run at a steady gentle pace, especially on a regular basis as a form of physical exercise.
he began to jog along the road
nudge or knock slightly.
a hand jogged his elbow
Blake would usually be outside doing an early morning jog .
My mother came back from her jog just as I was exiting the yard.
I have to head off and buy a new pair of boots and take a morning jog .
his morning jog
Still breathing heavy from her brisk, morning jog , she sauntered into the kitchen for a bottle of water.
He is up at 5.30 a.m. for a jog and a 30-minute workout in the gym.
She broke out into a jog and rushed towards the man nearing the comic store.
Red Bullet is expected to jog for the next ten days and begin galloping at the beginning of October.
In the Western Pleasure classes, horses must walk, jog and lope on the rail each direction, stop, and back willingly.
If your evenings are in the bar or out clubbing then forget leaping out of bed for a quick jog in the morning!