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jocular / шутливый, веселый, юмористический
имя прилагательное
playful, joking, jocular, facetious, jesting, quizzical
cheerful, merry, gay, glad, happy, jocular
humorous, comic, comical, jocular
имя прилагательное
fond of or characterized by joking; humorous or playful.
she sounded in a jocular mood
And the president's habit of roughing people up with jocular derision doesn't work as well when the trappings of power aren't all around him.
In a jocular way he replied, Lucky you, and walked on.
While jocular and jovial most of the time, these two titans can grow a bit wearisome with their constant credit taking.
You'll be splenetic and over-heated and I'll be jocular and whimsical.
For one significant reason, the jocular Thomson can afford not to be too downbeat about the Fifers' 8-1 mauling on their own patch last month.
They show no signs of mistreatment and even have a jocular relationship with the two guards.
In a jocular vein he speaks about the raw deal meted out to directors by certain half-baked specialists ‘who speak authoritatively’ about cinema.
It takes talent to transform a joke into a jocular jewel and the cast of the Mad Mission movies succeeds time and time again.
Witty and polished, the film takes a jocular view of the characters and their failings but doesn't judge events.
Dublin had just demolished Donegal and he was in particularly jocular mood.