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jockstrap / бандаж, суспензорий
имя существительное
bandage, belt, jockstrap, rim, tyre
jockstrap, suspensory
имя существительное
a support or protection for the male genitals, worn especially by athletes.
I think, however, that boys should start wearing protective gear like jockstraps even at the 5th grade level.
And then one time a jockstrap that I wore when I did Cabaret ended up on eBay.
Enter the junkyard jungle gym and slowly clamber through it, stripping to your jockstrap at the halfway mark.
Brian could see that the man was wearing a jockstrap .
By the by, Thompson went out trick or treating, as they say, last Halloween wearing nothing but a turban, a jockstrap and some lipstick, he says.
Every guy that's ever put on a jockstrap has gone through it, no matter how good you are, and they're just miserable things.
I remember Auntie Mame as having the first jockstrap joke I ever encountered.
He even went so far as to take a crew of reporters with him while he went to a sporting goods store to buy a jockstrap .
Though I've yet to come across any program involving a jockstrap fashion show, I figure Jenny Jones has to get to it eventually.
He also likes to wear the same jockstrap throughout the campaign.
He used to peel down to his jockstrap , muscles glistening, sly grin flashing, while firing cryptic answers at the media, which he loathed.