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jock / Джок, жокей, шотландский солдат
имя существительное
jockey, Jock
шотландский солдат
имя существительное
a disc jockey.
Dashboard Confessional took the stage to a lot of high-pitched screaming and proceeded to impress even the most ardent of jocks with their acoustic-meets-emo stylings.
an enthusiast or participant in a specified activity.
a computer jock
an enthusiastic athlete or sports fan, especially one with few other interests.
It is pure snobbery to loom at athletes as ‘dumb jocks .’
a pilot or astronaut.
The Air Force fighter jock doesn't want airpower reduced to artillery.
That's right, my brother is not only a jock, he's a smart jock .
I put on my socks, the jock , the shorts, and then the jersey, followed by sweatbands on my left arm and an elbow pad on my right arm.
He'll put Icy Hot in your jock and anything else.
I spent that entire summer at a fat camp where I lost 75 pounds and became an athletic jock .
He faked Penny out of his jock , drove baseline and threw down a two-handed dunk.
Each jock was questioned about what he had done just previous to riding the race.
The name makes any fighter jock 's heart skip a beat.
Cutler is no stranger to the brutality of the gridiron, having strapped on a jock and shoulder pads during his salad days as a high-school football player.
I was insecure about being some kind of a commando jock photographer, but once everyone was awake we'd hit the streets and the bros were psyched.
Mary Jane is back on the scene, and she's threatening to marry a jock - an astronaut, no less.