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jobless / безработный
имя прилагательное
unemployed, jobless, idle, workless, out of place, out-of-work
имя прилагательное
Miami, Florida, with a 7.4 percent jobless rate, had the second highest in the nation.
The advent of safety razors has rendered local barbers jobless .
She was left jobless , with a child to take care of.
Millions in the armed services found themselves jobless between 1955 and 1960.
The weekly jobless claims this week came in lower than expected.
And as anyone who has found herself jobless knows, it was a rough landing.
And while we see our economy recovering slowly, it's a jobless recovery.
a jobless household
the jobless rate
Being jobless , I used to attend all the meetings of the Cultural conference.
The truth is that Europeans like early retirement, high jobless benefits and long vacations.