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jitter / дрожание изображения
имя существительное
дрожание изображения
jitter, get rattled, chafe
дрожать от волнения
flutter, jitter
tremble, flutter, thrill, shiver, quiver, jitter
имя существительное
feelings of extreme nervousness.
a bout of the jitters
slight irregular movement, variation, or unsteadiness, especially in an electrical signal or electronic device.
Not once did I experience any sort of mouse jitter or discrepancies in movement.
act nervously.
an anxious student who jittered at any provocation
Video system processing performance is improved by its increased output timing margins and reduced jitter .
Flexure galvanometers and low-noise servo drives offer improved performance in applications requiring smooth scanning with low jitter .
Perhaps the most difficult issue for system designers is jitter , which is the time displacement of the signal's edges from their ideal location.
By switching the anti-aliasing mode on and off, I found different and useful timbres, because even aliasing creates an interesting digital jitter .
But it provides zero-speed detection capabilities without the associated running jitter inherent in classical digital solutions.
The 10-millisecond case, including all jitter effects, is highlighted, which results in a 2-dB degradation in loss-of-lock threshold.
If I turn on the advanced graphic options such as Anti Aliasing I have to bump the resolution down just one notch so that it does not jitter .
Further, when we popped in a high bit rate DVD, we saw definite image jitter in some scenes.
In either case, the repeater must reduce the amount of jitter in its outgoing signal to ensure that downstream devices can recover it error-free.
Another form of delay is jitter , which refers to variations in delay caused by fluctuating signal strengths.