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jitney / третьесортный, дешевый
имя прилагательное
jitney, third-rate, third-best
cheap, inexpensive, tatty, dime, sixpenny, jitney
имя существительное
пять центов
дешевое маршрутное такси
дешевый маршрутный автобус
имя существительное
a bus or other vehicle carrying passengers for a low fare.
And if there were lots of roads, would they be used mostly to transport people by bus, by jitneys and by taxi, or by privately owned car as now?
A jitney is a sort of cross between a bus and a taxi.
A guided jitney along up the river gave us an overview.
One of my happiest discoveries was that of the jitney and other forms of non-regulated motorised transport.
What she created is closer to an upscale Manhattan law office than to even the finest jitney .
Jamal and I stand on the distressed street waiting for a jitney .
He's 30 now, and he runs a jitney service in Atlantic City.
After lunch, Marvin usually takes another vehicle home and catches a jitney back to the truck to close it.
We took a jitney to a big pre-Christmas fair at the park.
Finally I chose the most friendly-looking man and climbed into a taxi, which was actually a jitney .
Inside the station, the key prop is a telephone which rings constantly throughout the play and influences the comings and goings of the jitney station.