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jink / увертка, уклонение, уловка
имя существительное
subterfuge, evasion, dodge, quip, quibble, jink
evasion, avoidance, dodge, departure, elusion, jink
trick, ploy, ruse, stratagem, gimmick, jink
dodge, duck, tergiversate, equivocate, jink
avoid, shun, escape, evade, steer clear of, jink
dodge, skew, avoid, shrink, evade, jink
имя существительное
a sudden quick change of direction.
While Johnstone's many jinks included that drunken-sailor routine off the coast of Largs, his body double prefers to use a rowing boat for more respectable reasons.
change direction suddenly and nimbly, as when dodging a pursuer.
she was too quick for him and jinked away every time
Only a last-second jink to the left by Danny avoids a spectacularly violent end to their escape.
A trademark jink and artful cross paved the way for a goal that hauled Everton back into an encounter in which they were 2-0 down.
The Nigerian let the ball beat him before a little jink wrong-footed Robinson, and he clipped it into the net.
A jink , a change of pace and it was to the endline to hammer across balls the sort great headers dream of.
A little jink through and he shaped as if to shoot.
Melly - the centre that is - was on the prowl and with a jink to his right and a feint with his ball hand, he glided through the Boyne midfield to score at the posts.
My wife and other daughter quickly recognized my tactical jink and attempted to perform the same 180-degree maneuver.
The speedy winger jinked and swerved through a dozen pairs of hands before touching down.
We drop still further, the aircraft jinking about slightly more as we descend, maybe manoeuvring with the LSO's instructions.
A rough ride awaits any driver who cooks his brakes, charging and jinking through the corner combinations.