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jilt / кокетка, изменница
имя существительное
yoke, flirt, coquette, jilt, minx
traitress, traitoress, jilt
увлечь и обмануть
имя существительное
a person, especially a woman, who capriciously rejects a lover.
Because we all understand the language of jilt .
suddenly reject or abandon (a lover).
he was jilted at the altar by his bride-to-be
She was thankful that while was surely still hurting over Sarah's jilt , he had found something he felt like fighting for.
Because we all understand the language of jilt .
they'll teach you the guilt of coquetting and ogling, and playing the jilt
He sees her every performance and insinuates himself into her life, then ends up marrying her when she is jilted by her lover.
Whilst reveling in the acoustic rhythmic paradise I was jilted by the interruption of some very dodgy saxophone notes.
Yes some women, heart broken by being jilted , will respond by genetically engineering sons who are more likely to be monogamous.
They have been jilted at the altar one too many times.
Is it more painful to be jilted by a lover or an entire nation?
A note was delivered to her as I waited, but again I was jilted .
After the smoke cleared, it was discovered that Captain Henry had jilted the rest and made off with most of the booty.