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jigsaw / ажурная пила, машинная ножовка
имя существительное
ажурная пила
машинная ножовка
имя существительное
a puzzle consisting of a picture printed on cardboard or wood and cut into various pieces of different shapes that have to be fitted together.
It is nothing like putting together a jigsaw puzzle , one piece at a time, with little sense of urgency.
a machine saw with a fine blade enabling it to cut curved lines in a sheet of wood, metal, or plastic.
He needs a variety of power tools, drills, routers, circular saws, jigsaws and packets of blades.
Generally, use a handsaw or a circular saw to cut straight lines, a coping saw or a portable jigsaw to cut irregular lines.
the police are trying to piece together the jigsaw of events
This box's contours are also unevenly matched and fit together like warped pieces of a jigsaw puzzle .
The scene is then printed block by block, with layers of color filling in the image like pieces of a jigsaw puzzle .
You'll need a table saw or jigsaw , a sander, a drill press, and about three hours.
The exercise is like putting together the pieces in a jigsaw puzzle .
help the police put all the pieces of the jigsaw together
But the last part of the jigsaw is missing.
You know you have solved a good jigsaw when all the pieces fit together.
The houses interlocked like pieces of a jigsaw puzzle and every window blazed with light.