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jiggle / покачивание, тряска
имя существительное
shaking, jiggle, wiggle, waggle, rock, nutation
jolting, jolt, jiggle, rumble-tumble
shake, jiggle, rock, jolt, jounce, jog
wiggle, shake, jiggle, waggle, weave, stagger
wiggle, jiggle, waggle, dangle, wiggle-waggle
имя существительное
a quick light shake.
give that rack a jiggle
move about lightly and quickly from side to side or up and down.
his head jiggles up and down as he speaks
give that rack a jiggle
give that rack a jiggle
A quick jiggle of his door showed that it was locked.
They wobbled a little as she bounced on her steps, then rested with a quick jiggle as she stopped.
Honestly, we could go on about Inferno's nifty fire effect, or Voldo's creepy, stationary strut, or even Taki's newfound jiggle .
It is like being at a silent auction; a mere jiggle of the head fetches a waiter to freshen my drink.
‘Come on’, he coaxes, with a devilish little grin while his fingers jiggle in your sides, ‘who's the best?’
When XFL broadcasters lost the courage of their convictions regarding jiggle , the football gods punished the enterprise with demise.
We did that for several seconds, before I started a mad jiggle on the spot, moving around to face him as I did so.
They walk away with a look of feigned understanding while I jiggle away, belly and double chin and all.