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jig / зажимное приспособление, кондуктор, джига
имя существительное
зажимное приспособление
jig, fixture, clip
conductor, jig, guard, check-taker
танцевать джигу
pinch, clamp, grip, jam, clench, jig
fasten, fix, anchor, consolidate, secure, jig
имя существительное
a lively dance with leaping movements.
They twitched, swayed and finally did a lively little jig - but there was no bird in sight.
a device that holds a piece of work and guides the tools operating on it.
However, in 2005 the plan calls for production of entirely new-build Vipers for which the company will have to build jigs and tools.
a type of artificial bait that is jerked up and down through the water.
The change of pace from topwaters and jigs dredged up memories and fish, good on both counts.
dance a jig.
They swapped their heads around and played and partied and danced and jigged and forgot who they were.
equip (a factory or workshop) with a jig or jigs.
My personal preference time and time again on my jigging system remains to be Trilene XL.
fish with a jig.
a man jigged for squid
To dowel the top prepare to drill the dowel holes using a horizontal boring tool or a doweling jig and centers.
They twitched, swayed and finally did a lively little jig - but there was no bird in sight.
He could barely contain his glee and seemed about to break into a jig at any moment.
The equipment, worth around R30000, includes two table saws, two belt sanders, a jig saw and a lathe.
Youngsters chose the occasion to present their abilities at a jig to the tunes of popular film numbers and they did it with elan.
But using the boot as a jig is really what gives you the read.
Make sure the dowel holes are aligned by using a dowel jig or a horizontal boring tool (if available).
All specimens were prepared for mechanical testing by being potted in a custom jig and fixed in a vise.
The top end of a jig is shaped like a pinkie finger and decorated like a small, flashy fish.
Insert one or more boards into a jig that guides your saw.