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jiffy / миг, мгновение
имя существительное
moment, jiffy, blink, wink, twink, jiff
instant, moment, flash, second, minute, jiffy
имя существительное
a moment.
we'll be back in a jiffy
But a scolding from Ms. Gopi did the trick, and every one, child and parent, hastened to set matters right, and cleared the litter in a jiffy .
After all, it's the very industry that gave us the concept of ‘quick and dirty’ - you know, solutions conjured up in a jiffy to meet the pressing needs of customers.
It's some weird bug, and I'm sure it'll be fixed up in a jiffy .
As box-office receipts have proven that he is no longer infallible, it should be a breeze to walk up to him and become his friend in a jiffy !
That ruffles feathers on a council whose performance most Monday nights, let's be honest, will fix the insomnia that's troubling you in a jiffy .
Plus if we can read the minute print on newspapers in a jiffy , what's the difficulty with a small watchface?
Computer and sensor clamp down in a jiffy with zip-ties.
Recommended software upgrades can be brought down in a jiffy .
One always fancied those sleek looking microwave ovens for the delicious, perfectly baked, crisp and crunchy dishes delivered in a jiffy .
we'll be back in a jiffy