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jibe / насмешка, колкость, кливер
имя существительное
mockery, ridicule, sneer, taunt, jibe, mock
barb, twit, jibe, dig, quip, sting
jib, jibber, jibe
jibe, gybe
agree, consent, accept, comply, admit, jibe
jibe, bandy, jib
имя существительное
an act or instance of jibing.
The incident, which could have easily ended in tragedy, occurred last spring during a regional tune-up race when the Beneteau, Epic, had an accidental gybe and broached in a 34-knot gust.
change course by swinging a fore-and-aft sail across a following wind.
they jibed, and the boat turned over
be in accord; agree.
the verdict does not jibe with the medical evidence
He claims to be very liberal, but when he's voting it just doesn't jibe with what he says.
If Apple does come out with a response, they have to sink down to Napster's level and it doesn't jibe with their type of advertising at all.
Unknotting privacy dilemmas from first principles can be tricky, or at least lead to results that don't jibe with most people's felt intuitions.
During the race, Tom Droescher, working as the spinnaker trimmer, was swept overboard during a jibe and landed on his back in the 45-degree waters of Puget Sound.
You don't agree with them, you offer opinions that don't jibe with theirs and you get a target on your back.
But the only ‘evidence’ for these upcoming disasters is the output of computer models that don't jibe with reality.
How does the rise of the big-box-booksellers jibe with the supposed decline in reading?
A sail blows off the foredeck and a spinnaker drum jams so they can't jibe on the downwind leg.
the verdict does not jibe with the medical evidence
But their working habits didn't jibe : Godrich constantly wanted to press forward, but the Strokes like to labour over every sound.