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jewelled / украшенный драгоценностями
имя прилагательное
украшенный драгоценностями
jeweled, jewelled
имя прилагательное
adorned, set with, or made from jewels.
a jeweled dagger
The flask, along with a jewelled dagger, flywhisk and a hugga, had originally been part of the collection at the Imperial Court in Delhi.
Now, if those trowel-botherers had been after a bag of gold coins or an ancient jewelled dagger, I might understand.
The jewelled brooch has a red-enamelled heart at its base, and the words ‘j'ouvre’ are outlined along its length.
When Beauty looks into the mirror, she first sees herself, adorned with the jewelled crown.
There were Krishnadeva Rayas, complete with jewelled turbans, even a Veerappan look-alike, complete with a cartridge belt.
The Conservatives presented him with a jewelled sword inscribed ‘Saviour of the Punjab.’
With chikan kurtas in beige and white colours and jewelled T-shirts in a multitude of designs, every creation has a style of its own.
They are worms to be crushed as the dust ‘neath my jewelled sandals.
The songs are still there - dominant, jewelled , celestial beauties that seem to sum up everything without ever really trying to.
She followed Quadra's previous gaze, and turned to find a jewelled dagger in her face.